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Pilot Pathways for Career Aviators

Regional air carriers, major airlines, and other aviation businesses are responding to Boeing Co.’s prediction for "significant" pilot demand through 2037 by offering pathway programs that coach, mentor, and empower career aviators toward full-time aviation careers.

In July 2018 the airliner manufacturer’s 20-year Pilot and Technician Outlook called for 635,000 commercial pilots, 96,000 business pilots, and 59,000 helicopter pilots for an estimated 790,000 total pilot positions.“In the U.S. alone, there are over 80,000 pilots who will retire within the next 20 years," explained William Ampofo, vice president of business and general aviation for Boeing Global Services. He anticipated a doubling of both the commercial aircraft fleet and the current workforce, which the jet manufacturer called “the most significant demand in the outlook's nine-year history.” READ MORE